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Ardo supplies its continuously growing markets around the world with high quality frozen vegetables, herbs and fruit. We do this in a sustainable way, with respect for people and the environment. We carefully preserve nature's precious gifts.

Our product range

Here at Ardo we review all areas of the market, seeking out new products and trends. This continuous research helps us to bring our customers exciting, innovative and tasty new products. Our diverse product range meets the demands of any market and all our products are grown, harvested and processed with full care and dedication.

Our ‘Green Ambition’

Our ‘Green Ambition’

We are passionate about People, our Planet and our Products, and we are inspired to maintain all three elements in an optimal state of balance...

Ardo is proactive in exploring and introducing more sustainable agricultural production methods. We have translated our ambitions into our MIMOSA programme, which stands for Minimum Impact, Maximum Output, Sustainable Agriculture.

Our ‘Green Ambition’

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