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Year after year, harvest after harvest, Ardo supplies its ever-growing global market with high quality fresh frozen vegetables, herbs, fruit, pasta, pulses, rice, potatoes and vegetable snacks. Based on our diverse product portfolio, we strive to provide our customers with solutions that best meet their requirements.

Our purpose

People need vegetables and fruit.

We are committed to meeting the growing demand for nutritious, plant based food. Both now and in the future.

We believe in preserving nature's gifts for future generations by providing fresh-frozen, plant-based foods while minimizing our impact on the planet.

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Let's meet in the field 2023 event on sustainability

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Ardo stories: our news updates


Ardo and organic farming

Did you know Ardo is committed to organic farming? Close collaboration enables us to guide our farmers with organic farming and provide support in follow-up processes for organic crops. And we will keep promoting organic farming in the future.

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ARDO Benimodo run

Participation in corporate sports events, such as the Business Race Valencia 2024, is an excellent way to promote team spirit, encourage a healthy lifestyle, and demonstrate a company's commitment to sustainability and innovation values. In this context, Ardo Benimodo's decision to join this initiative not only highlights their dedication to promoting well-being among their employees but also reflects their broader mission of preserving nature's gifts for future generations.

NPD interview Chunky Sautéed Carrots

Join us for an exclusive video interview with Ardo’s own NPD Lead Chef, Bavo De Boever, as he unveils the secrets behind our latest culinary delight: Chunky Sautéed Carrots. Discover the meticulous process of product development at Ardo and learn firsthand how Chef De Boever and his team brought this vibrant and versatile innovation to life.

Interview with Bavo De Boever about Chunky Sautéed carrots

Summer herb in the spotlight: basil

Herbs are the finishing touch to any dish. When frozen fresh, it’s all about the advantages. The proof? We performed a comparison with the summer herb of choice: basil!

Basil comparison

Our onboarding programme

Ardo prioritizes creating a supportive and nurturing environment for employees to excel. Their empording programme focuses on smooth onboarding and growth for new employees.

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Growth possibilities at Ardo

Join Ardo and unlock your potential! Looking for a career with endless growth possibilities? Join Ardo, a global leader in fresh-frozen plant-based foods. With a dynamic work environment, continuous learning opportunities, and an exceptional team, Ardo offers the perfect platform to thrive. Contribute to nutritious food production while minimizing your impact on the planet.

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Think global, act local: How Ardo's Supply Chain team navigates the complex pathways of a food company

At Ardo, sustainability has always been part of our DNA, and we see this reflected across all our processes and departments. As a team, we are committed to deliver high-quality products and services to our customers with respect for our food processing chain and environmental footprint.

Through ongoing assessment of our current state of processes, technologies, and bottle necks, we further improve our service levels and operational efficiency and aim to limit the carbon footprint of our activities. This is how Supply Chain contributes to Ardo’s sustainability achievements.

Ardo’s Supply Chain team

Ardo at the Forefront: Advocating for Sustainable Frozen Foods

The International Frozen Food Conference, recently held in conjunction with the Anuga trade fair, brought to light the invaluable role of frozen foods in championing a sustainable and health-conscious future. Participating in the discussions was Ardo's Director of Sustainability, Emilie Haspeslagh, who gave insights in Ardo’s stance on sustainability.

Ardo at The International Frozen Food Conference

Market and harvest report July 2023

After a difficult growing season and nervous markets in 2022, we were able to reach a new balance in the contracts with our farmers for the new season, which involves a raw material price increase of up to 40% for some crops.

Minimal enviromental impact

What does sustainability mean to Ardo?

What does sustainability mean to Ardo? We asked Emilie Haspeslagh, Sustainability Director and the third generation of the family to work in the family business, as well as Stephanie Cobbaert, Sustainability Coordinator.

Tean sustainability

Become part of the Ardo family

As a dynamic family business, we firmly believe that our employees are our company's driving force. Their knowledge, skills and dedication help us produce and market high-quality products across the globe.

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Green Ambition

We are passionate about People, our Planet and our Products, and we are inspired to maintain all three elements in an optimal state of balance...

Ardo is proactive in exploring and introducing more sustainable agricultural production methods. We have translated our ambitions into our MIMOSA+ programme, which stands for Minimum Impact, Maximum Output, Sustainable Agriculture.

Our customers

Food Service

We respond to the latest cooking trends to develop products for our Food Service customers which are easy to prepare. Top convenience.

End market Food service


Our retail customers can count on us to deliver a wide range of products to meet their customers' lifestyles and changing habits. 

Retail Solutions

Food Industry

Our customers in the Food Industry segment can rely on tailored, top-quality products and a production process that complies with the most stringent HACCP standards. 

Food ingredients
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Fresh frozen? Of course!

Perhaps you do not immediately think of fresh-frozen vegetables, fruit or herbs, but they are a great choice. Fresh frozen vegetables, herbs and fruit have a major advantage: they retain most of their nutritional value because they are frozen very quickly after harvesting. That makes their colour, texture and taste richer than those of fresh vegetables, and they also contain more vitamins.

About Ardo

Ardo’s ambition is to be the global sustainable champion in plant-based frozen food through innovation, fostering the environment, inspiring people and contributing to healthier living.

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