Ardo at the Forefront: Advocating for Sustainable Frozen Foods

18 October 2023

The International Frozen Food Conference, recently held in conjunction with the Anuga trade fair, brought to light the invaluable role of frozen foods in championing a sustainable and health-conscious future. Participating in the discussions was Ardo's Director of Sustainability, Emilie Haspeslagh, who gave insights in Ardo’s stance on sustainability.

Frozen Foods: A Global Imperative

As industry leaders and global stakeholders rally around the common goal of health and reduced food wastage, Ardo emphasized in the panel discussion the importance of limiting the environmental impact in the sourcing of our raw materials and the work the company is rolling out through the MIMOSA+ program on regenerative agriculture.

Empirical Evidence Supports Sustainability

Recent studies, notably from 210 Analytics and Cornell University's Dyson School of Business, offer empirical backing to the sustainable attributes of frozen foods:

  1. Combating Food Wastage: A comprehensive survey has shown that a significant portion of U.S. consumers see frozen food as a means to reduce household food waste.
  2. Optimizing Meal Preparations: Consumers appreciate the versatility of frozen ingredients, emphasizing its role in reducing spoilage risks and ensuring meal flexibility.
  3. Economic and Nutritional Considerations: Cornell University's study emphasized the economical and nutritional advantages of frozen foods, particularly beneficial for lower-income households. 


Ardo at The International Frozen Food Conference

Ardo's Leadership in Sustainability

The International Frozen Food Conference, under the aegis of the International Frozen Food Network (IFFN), has set a precedent in driving discussions on frozen foods' integral role in the global food matrix.

We would like to thank Alison Bodor from AFFI (American Frozen Food Institute) for the opportunity to share our insights and Sabine Eichner from DTI (Deutsche Tiefkühlinstitut) for the organization of this conference.

As the food industry undergoes continual transformation, Ardo remains at the forefront, advocating the advantages of frozen foods in promoting both health and sustainability.