Ardo has a tradition of continuous innovation, in both products and production methods.

Heidi_1_03350_R_03374_R.jpgFor example, Ardo was the first frozen food producer to market leaf spinach in individual servings.
We constantly experiment with new plant species and new production techniques. This enables us to keep launching new products with a high level of added value.

We align our product range to new tastes, trends, lifestyles and eating habits. We know that our customers need to be able to come up quickly with new products, and so we also respond to specific, regional needs in our international market. The product life of foods is becoming ever shorter, and we want to stay always one step ahead of the market.

WAR-gemarineerde-wo_03212_Q.jpgThat is why we are constantly busy with new varieties, recipes and packaging.

Ardo's extensive, varied product lines - Classics, Express, A Table, Fines Herbes, Les Fruits, Bio-Organic and Les Tapas - are the result of these efforts.