Ardo is constantly innovating. Every year we manage to bring a wide range of new products to market. Of course this couldn’t happen without the major input from the New Product Development department (NPD) within the Ardo Group.

Ardo Chef


The fact that we have managed to launch several new products in the last years is mainly down to you. It all starts with our customers. We listen to your demands for products and constantly review your requirements and market trends.
At every site, an NPD team is working on your suggestions and our own product ideas. Every one of these teams has fully mastered the production processes. A central NPD team compares the experiences and product tests of the various customers and countries and then puts together a product range in tune with both local and global trends. We also constantly review and perfect all of our production techniques.


The aim is to further strengthen our position worldwide and to continue to fulfil the increasingly demanding requirements of consumers, who expect products that are natural, healthy, and always improving.The demand for high-quality and healthy products is constantly increasing. Our answer to this trend is continuous innovation and always supplying impeccable quality.

Our production lines in the different production units are adjusted to the newest technologies and in some cases they have to be completely renewed. We also invest in packaging lines and packaging capacity. Our engineers follow up on local and group projects. 

Our fresh frozen products

Ardo supplies its continuously growing markets around the world with high quality frozen vegetables, herbs and fruit.

The benefits of fresh-frozen