Ardo's commitment to sustainability is built on five foundational pillars.


Our Sustainability Vision

From the fields where our produce grows to the tables where families come together, our commitment to sustainability is unwavering. This dedication is not just about responsibility; it's our vision to feed the future.

Dive in to discover the five pillars that define Ardo's sustainability journey and our proactive initiatives driving real-world impact.

Our five sustainability pillars

Minimal environmental  impact - Resource efficiency

Maximizing the value we derive from every resource: At Ardo, we recognize that true sustainability starts in its own processing and production. Our commitment to the efficient use of resources is driven by a dual objective: minimizing environmental impact and ensuring economic viability. By adopting state-of-the-art technologies and innovative practices, we strive to utilize every resource to its fullest potential, reducing waste and maximizing yield. This meticulous approach underscores our dedication to a sustainable and prosperous future.

Ardo's CO2 emissions have already been reduced by 16% since 2020 and will be further reduced by 40% by 2030. To this end, Ardo will produce at least 30% of its energy needs itself from renewable sources

Ardo & organic farming: interview with organic farmer

Agronomy – MIMOSA+

At the heart of Ardo's sustainability programme lies a deep-rooted commitment to agronomy that not only sustains but regenerates; we want to ensure that our agricultural practices are regenerative in order to restore the soil health and increase the resilience to climate change. With changing climates and pressing global challenges, our agronomic strategies are designed to be adaptable and resilient.

Ardo, and its farmers in particular, are feeling climate change first hand, in the form of extreme weather conditions leading to lower yields per hectare.

By implementing regenerative farming practices, the MIMOSA+ programme aims to promote soil health, enhance biodiversity, protect water resources, limit climate impact whilst ensuring optimal yields. This approach reflects our belief that the future of food lies in harmonizing with nature rather than working against it.

We call on all stakeholders to work together and invest in regenerative agriculture

Gabrielle Kalkwijk CEO Ardo

Gabrielle Kalkwijk, Ardo CEO
Market and harvest report - June 8th 2020

Food safety, quality and innovation

In line with our purpose, food safety and quality management are our top priorities.

In order to improve the quality of our fresh-frozen products and provide more convenience to our end consumers, we keep on innovating. Our product innovations, such as European-sourced soy beans, beet bacon, vegetable fries, and many more, contribute to the healthy, plant-based global food transition. At the same time, we go beyond our product offer by developing innovative solutions for our growing, harvesting, production, and packaging operations.

In terms of food safety and quality, we're proud that 78% of our products are free from pesticide residues. Since 2019, we've achieved a 30% reduction in foreign materials. All our offerings are 100% vegetarian.

Our employees

To ensure our employees’ health and happiness, we support them on multiple levels and provide them with opportunities to grow and develop. This is critical to both their and Ardo’s success. We go the extra mile to show our appreciation in a variety of ways

With a deep respect for each individual, we prioritize safety as we want all our employees to come to work and go back home safely. This reinforced focus has lead to a 34% reduction in accidents since 2018. Our leadership boasts a balanced gender ratio with 50% of the executive team being female, reflecting our commitment to diversity. Furthermore, we want to promote health & well-being of our employees and empower them through our leadership and development program. With an investment of over 50,000 training hours ensures our team is always at the forefront of industry knowledge, driving Ardo's sustainable vision forward.

Our community

At Ardo, we value deep local and global ties. By 2030, we aim to further support our customers in their sustainability journey, ensure responsible sourcing from our external suppliers, support farmers transitioning to sustainable practices, and contribute to food banks and NGOs.

At Ardo, we're not just reacting to the changing climate - we're leading the way. From our humble beginnings as a family farm to now reaching tables across 100 countries, our journey has been rooted in sustainability. Every step we take is driven by a vision for a more sustainable world and an unwavering belief in the power of sustainable agriculture to feed the future.

Emilie Haspeslagh Sustainability Director

Emilie Haspeslagh, Ardo Sustainability director


In 2011, Ardo pioneered the MIMOSA (Minimum Impact, Maximum Output, Sustainable Agriculture) programme, emphasizing sustainable agriculture.

Our journey has witnessed significant milestones, with achievements like attaining 77,6% residue-free production and, we're targeting 80% residue-free production by 2025.

With MIMOSA+, we want to drive sustainable agriculture further and look beyond the crop.

The main goal of MIMOSA+ is to align farming practices with regenerative principles, focusing on:

  • Improving soil health.
  • Encouraging carbon sequestration.
  • Supporting biodiversity.
  • Reduction of fertilisation.
  • Realisation of optimal irrigation.
  • Implementation of soil cover for more than 240 days a year.
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