6 reasons you should go for a Master Data career

22 November 2023

Nico Marreel, Data Management Team Coördinator at Ardo, talks about the advantages of a career in Master Data. 

My career journey at Ardo started 26 years ago. Starting as an intern with a degree in Accountancy-Fiscality, I stepped into the work field. I operated in different roles in the past years, from Logistics to Purchasing in the Packaging department and Supply Planning.

In 2011 we started building the foundations of Ardo’s master data management. My career journey brought me a wealth of business knowledge, and I am benefiting from this now in my current role as Master Data Manager.

From my perspective there are a few common myths associated with hiring talent for Master Data roles which I would like to tackle.

Nico Mareel, Data Management Team Coördinator at Ardo

Master data is just a summary of thousands of stories. Tell a few of those stories to help make master data meaningful.

Nico Marreel Data Management Team Coördinator

  1. Master Data is the spider in the web. We are not a stand-alone team or working solo in a corner office, we are everywhere. As a service-oriented team, we bring value to the table in every department. We align, provide, and have contact with multiple different parties. We give accurate and detailed insights so the business can make the right decisions and choose for sustainable solutions. Master Data is woven into our entire business.
  2. Master Data is scaling up. Working at Ardo means working in an evolving environment. We are moving towards a more data-driven organization and the continuous investment in systems, processes and our people prove this. Our organization design is an ongoing process, and our team is also evolving to be future proof. Master Data is relevant for organizations of all sizes as it is critical for decision-making and operational efficiency.
  3. Master Data is everyone’s business, not only for IT. There is a misconception that you need to have an IT background to work in Master Data. The meaning behind the data is as important as the IT processes and systems needed to collect that data. Master Data enables us to provide accurate meaningful insights. It is a cross-functional effort that requires the involvement and support of various departments and internal stakeholders.
  4. You don’t need a degree in Master Data to work in this team. Master Data is not a job that only requires technical skills. It needs strong business acumen and analytical skills to understand the data and its impact on the organization. Eagerness to learn and a natural curiosity are equally crucial. Knowing the business and its processes are key to become a trustworthy Master Data professional.
  5. Master Data is exciting. We get a thrill from delivering high-quality output that is precise and accurate. Master data is not static, or just an excel sheet with numbers.  Neither is it a one-time project, it requires ongoing maintenance and governance to ensure data quality and consistency.
  6. Master Data needs a great team. Here at Ardo, we are a close team, which we really value. Collaboration is key and we all support each other. We’ve got each other’s back and there is trust in the team. I can genuinely say that we are more than just colleagues.