Tricolore carrot quiche

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Tricolore carrot quiche


  • 500 g Ardo chunky sautéed carrots
  • 50 g Ardo parsley
  • 100 g Ardo diced onion
  • 4 eggs
  • 250 ml cream
  • 1 roll of puff pastry
  • Salt and pepper


Egg Gluten Lactose


  1. Bake the chunky sautéed carrots in the oven at 180 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes.
  2. Roll out the puff pastry on a baking tray
  3. Spread the chunky sautéed carrots over the puff pastry.
  4. Mix together the Ardo parsley, the Ardo diced onion, the 4 eggs and the cream.
  5. Season with salt and pepper to taste.
  6. Pour the mixture into the baking tray.
  7. Bake in a preheated oven for 30 minutes.
  8. Remove the quiche from the oven and sprinkle with parsley to finish.
  9. Enjoy!

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