Image of Ancient grain mix, forest mushrooms, artichoke, beans and truffle mayo recipe made with Ardo products

Ancient grain mix, forest mushrooms, artichoke, beans and truffle mayo


- 1.2kg Ardo Ancient grain mix

- 500g Ardo Forest mushroom mix 

- 300g Ardo Artichoke bottoms

- 300g Ardo Green beans

- 50g Ardo Shallots

- 20g Ardo Garlic cubes

- 20g Ardo Tarragon

- Tarragon vinegar

- Olive oil 

- Truffle mayonnaise 

- Pepper and salt 


As a food service or catering professional, you know that presentation and taste are key when it comes to impressing your guests. But what about nutrition? This ancient grain mix salad recipe is the perfect solution - it's not only delicious, but also packed with nutrients that will leave your guests feeling satisfied and energized.

The ancient grain mix, made by Ardo, is a blend of various ancient grains such as quinoablack rice and , and buckwheat. These grains are known for their high fiber and protein content, as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals. They provide a delicious and healthy base for this salad.

To add some flavors and textures, the salad also includes Ardo's forest mushroom mix, artichoke bottoms, and green beans. The forest mushrooms are a great source of Vitamin D, while the artichokes are high in antioxidants and the green beans contain Vitamin K and Vitamin C. All these ingredients are cooked until tender, whether in salted water or the steamer, and chilled back before assembling the salad.

To give the salad some extra zing, we'll be sautéing the forest mushroom mix with diced garlic and a dash of oil after steaming them briefly. The garlic adds a nice aroma and flavor to the salad, while the oil will help the mushrooms to sauté and become even more flavorful.

To finish the salad, we'll be seasoning the ancient grain mix with pepper, salt, olive oil and a splash of tarragon vinegar and tarragon. The tarragon vinegar adds a nice tangy flavor, while the tarragon gives it a touch of freshness and aniseed flavor. Finally, to give it an extra touch of luxury, we'll be serving the salad with a generous dollop of truffle mayonnaise.

To assemble the salad, simply plate the ancient grain mix and top it with the sautéed mushrooms, artichoke bottoms, and green beans. Finally, add a spoonful of truffle mayonnaise and serve immediately.

This ancient grain mix salad is a perfect option for food service and catering industry. It's easy to make, delicious, and healthy. It's a great way to impress your guests with a unique and satisfying meal. And as a bonus, it's very versatile and can be served as a side or a main dish. So next time you're looking for a new menu item, give this ancient grain mix salad a try. Your guests will thank you.