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Reflecting on 'Let's Meet In The Field 2023': Embracing Regenerative Agriculture at Ardo

Recently, we had the privilege of hosting a vibrant gathering right next to the Ardo HQ. Together with a diverse group of stakeholders, from farmers and suppliers to leaders and innovators, we discussed pressing environmental concerns of our time: nitrate levels in water, the repercussions of soil erosion, the critical loss of biodiversity, and the multifaceted challenges posed by climate change.

Meet in the field 2023

European Edamame in the pod

The fresh green colour, crunchy texture and sweet taste make Edamame beans in pods an original and nutritious appetiser.

Ardo Edamame pod

Expanded range of grains and pseudograins

When it comes to energy and vitality, carbohydrates are our greatest supplier. Ardo offers a new, extensive range of grains and pseudograins. That means there are plenty of ways to add variety to a menu!

Ancient grains mix Ardo

Ardo & organic farming: interview with organic farmer

Did you know that Ardo is strongly committed to organic farming? Through close cooperation, we guide our farmers and their organic farming and support the follow-up of organic crops.

bio landbouwer