Reflecting on 'Let's Meet In The Field 2023': Embracing Regenerative Agriculture at Ardo

22 September 2023

Recently, we had the privilege of hosting a vibrant gathering right next to the Ardo HQ. Together with a diverse group of stakeholders, from farmers and suppliers to leaders and innovators, we discussed pressing environmental concerns of our time: nitrate levels in water, the repercussions of soil erosion, the critical loss of biodiversity, and the multifaceted challenges posed by climate change.

Central to this event, and to Ardo's overarching mission, was the demonstration and discussion of our MIMOSA+ programme. With the challenges posed by climate change affecting our farmers firsthand, it's become evident that fostering resilience in our crops is paramount. This understanding led to the birth of MIMOSA+ – Minimum Impact, Maximum Output, Sustainable Agriculture Plus. It’s our response to the changing climate, focusing on regenerative agricultural practices like improving soil quality, encouraging carbon sequestration, and supporting biodiversity.

In 2011, we launched the pioneering MIMOSA programme, aimed at sustainable agriculture with minimum impact and maximum yield. Since its inception, this programme has yielded impressive results, achieving 76% residue-free production. Now, with MIMOSA+, we want to look further than the crop itself, and implement the practices of regenerative agriculture together with our farmers by 2030

The foundation of Ardo's sustainability programme rests on five pillars: minimal environmental impact, agronomy, food safety and innovation, respect for our employees, and our community. Our sustainability approach goes beyond our own organization. We aim to support the transition to regenerative agriculture with our farmers, we support a more plant-based diet, and try to impact positively our employees and community through philanthropic efforts such as food donations.

One of the highlights of 'Meet In The Field 2023' was the special visit from Minister Tinne Van der Straeten. The Minister spent quality time with us. It was an opportunity for her to witness our unwavering dedication to sustainability and regenerative agriculture.

At Ardo, our vision is clear and forward-thinking. We believe in looking beyond the immediate impact. Our approach is rooted in collaboration – working hand-in-hand with all stakeholders to enhance our value chain in the most sustainable manner possible. It is only by driving change together that we will be able create a more sustainable future for the next generations.

Let's meet in the field 2023