Respect for our employees

Respect for our employees

At Ardo, our commitment to sustainability extends to the heart of our organisation – our employees. As a family business, we strive to ensure our people thrive in their work environment. Hence, we prioritise their well-being and professional development by offering comprehensive support on multiple levels. Respecting each individual, we are dedicated to ensuring that every employee can work in a safe environment.

Taking care of our people

To ensure our employees' health and wellbeing, we support them on multiple levels and provide them with opportunities for self-development, empowering them to collectively achieve our shared goals.

The “We Are Ardo” initiative offers employees easy ways to connect with colleagues from different departments, aiming to cultivate a positive work environment that contributes to the company's overall success.
The initiative consists of five working groups, each with a specific focus: “Friends@Ardo” for social gatherings, “Fit@Ardo” for sports activities, “Green@Ardo” for environmental initiatives, “Talent@Ardo” for external employer branding and “Proud@Ardo” to showcase employee pride. What sets “We Are Ardo” apart is that it was established by employees, for employees. Work should be more than just a job – it's an opportunity to meet new people and engage in extracurricular activities that boost energy levels.

Reflecting the diverse world in which we operate

Ardo serves millions of people worldwide every day and we are proud that our workforce mirrors the diverse world in which we operate. We welcome colleagues of all ages, genders, cultural backgrounds and religions.

Reflecting the diverse world in which we operate

Safe & healthy employees

The safety of our employees is our top priority. We aim to ensure that everyone works in a safe environment. To live up to this commitment, we focus on various areas to minimise the risk of accidents.

safety of employees

Ensuring safety and fostering the appropriate
safety culture require daily commitment.

Bert Camerlinck Group Project Engineer and part of Health & Safety core team