Sustainable irrigation in Ardooie (BE) - UK version Tuesday 30 June 2020


Last year, we installed an irrigation basin on our site in Ardooie that is filled with rainwater and clean waste water from the factory. Farmers in the area can use the water to irrigate their fields during dry periods.It certainly proved its worth last summer!

The water was predominantly used during the summer months of July, August and September. In this period, a total of 83,000 m³ was used by 23 different farmers around the Ardooie site, leaving the basin practically empty.

The dry spring months this year caused farmers to start sprinkling earlier than last year. The basin was filled to 145,000 m³ for this season. Today there is still about 130.000 m³ in the basin. This means that in May and June the farmers already irrigated about 15.000 m³.

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