Wellness mix with crispy fish



Ingredients (Serves 4): - 800g Ardo Wellness Mix
- 100g Ardo 8-herbs mix (50g for butter / 50g for coating the fish)
- 50g Ardo Shallots diced
- 400g White fish (Catfish fillet)
- 100g Butter
- Pepper, salt, lemon juice
- 10g of mayonaise
- 100g bread crumbs
- Egg white
- Wheat flour
- Cress salad
- Coconut butter 100g
- 20g Roasted coconut flakes

Products used in this recipe


1. Mix coconut butter with regular butter at room temperature, add the frozen 8 herb mix & shallots, season with 1 tablespoon mayonnaise, pepper, salt & lemon juice.

2. Mix 100g dry bread crumbs with 50g of the 8 herbs mix.

3. Cut the fish fillet in small portions, roll them in seasoned flour, then egg white, afterwards in crumbs with frozen herbs at own taste.

4. Deep-fry defrosted on 170°C for about 3-4min or pan fry the fish until crispy & fully cooked.

5. Melt the butter mixture in a non-stick pan & pan fry the wellness mix on medium fire for about 6-8 minutes.

6. Arrange on a plate & top off with roasted coconut flakes.