1 kg Ardo Wok Verde
150 g Ardo Asian style herb mix
10 g Ardo Coriander
1.5 l coconut milk
50 ml vegetable stock
20 spring onions
5 limes
500 g veggie chicken strips
Salt and pepper


  1. Bring the vegetable stock, together with the coconut milk and the Asian-style herb mix, to the boil.
  2. Cut 2 limes into slices.
  3. Finish off with the lime juice and season with salt and pepper.
  4. Clean the spring onions and blanch briefly in salted water.
  5. Add the green wok mix, the veggie chicken strips, lime slices and spring onion to the soup and return to boiling point.
  6. Top with the coriander and serve.
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