Veggie mix Indian style, mango chutney and yoghurt dip


Serves 10

3kg Veggie mix Indian style Ardo
400g Cucumber Ardo
200g Mango Ardo
30g Shallot Ardo
20g Coriander Ardo
10g Garlic diced Ardo
5g Ginger diced Ardo
5g Red chili peppers diced Ardo
250g Greek yoghurt
1el white wine vinegar
2el water
50g sugar
1 star anise
10 pieces of naan bread
1/2tl milled cumin
1/2tl milled coriander
1/2tl chili powder
olive oil
salt and pepper


Gluten, Milk


  1. Heat oil in a pan and fry the mango, shallots, ginger, red chili pepper dices and half the garlic. Add the white wine vinegar, water, sugar and star anise and simmer for about 30 minutes on a low heat.
  2. Add a pinch of salt at the end.
  3. Mix the yoghurt with the milled cumin, milled coriander and the rest of the garlic.
  4. Defrost and finely chop the cucumber and sprinkle with salt. If necessary, push out to remove extra moisture. Mix the cucumber with the yoghurt and add the coriander at the end.
  5. Season and finish with the chili powder.
  6. Warm up the Veggie mix Indian style according to the instructions.
  7. Sprinkle the naan with water and heat under the grill.
  8. Serve in separate plates.
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