Take away sandwich Green wave tuna, Sweet life crab & Cauli power salmon


Serve 10

• 150 g Green wave mix Ardo
• 30 g Herb 8-Herbs mix Ardo
• 50 g Edamame soy beans Ardo
• 300 g tuna-mayo salad

• 150g Sweet life mix Ardo
• 30 g Salsa Mexicana herb mix Ardo
• 300 g crab, egg mayo salad

• 150 g Cauli power mix Ardo
• 20 g Thai herb mix Ardo
• 200 g cooked salmon
• 1 dl mayonnaise


Soy, Crustaceans, Egg, Mustard, Fish


  1. Heat up the edamame and the riced veggie mixes briefly in the steamer, pan or microwave, cool down immediately.
  2. Mix them with the other ingredients and the herb mixes.
  3. Now you have three perfect homemade sandwich spreads.
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