Spicy organic spaghetti sauce


Serves 10

3kg Pasta Gobbetti Ardo
500g Organic Tricolore pepper mix Ardo
500g Organic Carrots diced Ardo
500g Organic Mushrooms sliced Ardo
500g Organic Tomatoes diced Ardo
200g Organic Onions diced Ardo
20g Organic Garlic diced Ardo
20g Organic Parsley Ardo
1kg organic minced meat
1kg organic passata of tomatoes
sriracha sauce
organic grated Emmenthal cheese
organic olive oil


Gluten, Milk


  1. Place a large pot on a solid fire. Heat some olive oil and reduce the heat. Stew the onions with the garlic. Then add the carrots and let simmer for a while. Then, add the tricolore pepper strips and stir regularly.
  2. Heat a dash of olive oil in a pan. Put the minced meat in the pan and loosen with a fork. Let the meat fry until golden brown on a medium heat. Add the organic minced meat to the vegetables.
  3. Steam the mushrooms briefly and drain. Then, bake them golden brown in the pan of the organic minced meat. Add them to the vegetables.
  4. Place the casserole on a low heat and add the tomato cubes and passata. Season with salt, pepper and sriracha.
  5. Let simmer on a low heat and stir regularly. Add the parsley before serving. Season extra if necessary.
  6. Steam the pasta gobbetti for 5 minutes and let it drain.
  7. Serve the pasta with a generous portion of sauce. Finish the plates with the grated cheese.
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