For 1 big pizza

- 750g Ardo cauliflower rice
- 5g garlic puree

Rainbow vegetables in order of color:
- 75g Ardo Red onion sliced
- 75g Ardo leaf spinach
- 75g Ardo Green asparagus spears (cut in bitsize pieces)
- 75g Ardo green olives sliced 
- 75g Ardo supersweet corn
- 75g Ardo grilled yellow pepper diced
- 75g Ardo Butternut squash
- 75g Ardo cherry tomatoes, cut in halves

- 2 tablespoons Ardo Oregano
- 2 tablespoons Ardo Basil
- 75g Ardo shallots
- 75g grated hard cheese (Parmesan, pecorino or grano padano)
- 3 medium eggs
- Approx. 250-300ml tomato pulp sieved
- 150g mozzarella cheese grated
- Salt & pepper
- Extra virgin olive oil
- Cooking oil




Microwave 750g of cauliflower rice in a bowl for about 5-6 minutes on 850 watt, uncovered. Cool down for about 5 minutes.
Place the cauliflower rice in a kitchen towel & squeeze all the liquid out as much as possible.
Combine the cauliflower rice with the eggs, garlic puree, grated hard cheese & seasoning.
Stir until a dough texture forms & spread the mixture evenly out onto lightly greased baking paper or a pizza pan in the shape of a pizza crust.
Bake for about 20-22 minutes on 180°C until golden & crispy.

Tomato sauce:
Sauté the shallots and add the sieved tomato pulp. Simmer for about 5 minutes and season with pepper & salt. Add 2 tablespoons of basil and allow to cool down

Finishing the pizza:
Spread the tomato sauce in a fine layer evenly spread in the middle of the pizza bottom (keep approx. 2-3cm uncovered left at the sides of the bottom). Cover richly with mozzarella cheese. Sprinkle some oregano to your taste.
Place the vegetables in order of their color in and season with pepper & salt. Sprinkle over with some olive oil to prevent drying out of the vegetables while baking.
Bake off for another 10-15 minutes until cheese is melted & edges are nicely browned.
Slice & serve

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