Orange sweet potato sushi with soy beans


Serves 4

- 300g Ardo Sweet potato rice or Ardo Sweet Life Mix
- 80g Ardo Soy beans (Mukimame)
- 20g Ardo Wakamé seaweed flakes
- 10g Rice semolina
- 2g sea salt
- 10ml Rice vinegar
- 5ml Mirin cooking wine
- 5g Cane sugar
- 10ml Water
- 2 Orange colored sushi leafs
- Dipping soy sauce for sushi




  1. Mix the sweet potato rice with the water, rice semolina, cane sugar and sea salt. Put this covered in the microwave for about 4-6 minutes on 850watt. Allow to cool down.
  2. Add the rice vinegar and the mirin Japanese cooking wine to the sweet potato rice mix. 
  3. Spread the sweet potato rice mix on the orange sushi leafs.
  4. Take the shortly blanched and cooled down soy beans and wakamé flakes and roll into the middle of the rice. Allow to set.
  5. Cut into bitesize sushi portions.
  6. Serve with soy sauce.
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