Loaded fries tartiflette style


Serve 10

• 2kg Sweet potato fries Ardo
• 400 g Beet bacon Ardo
• 150 g Onions sliced prefried Ardo
• 5 g Garlic diced Ardo
• 5 g Rosemary Ardo
• 150 g Reblochon
• 150 g Emmental cheese
• 1.5 dl White wine
• 0.5 dl cream
• Corn starch


Milk, Sulphite


  1. Cut the cheese in small pieces and melt in the white wine, cream, rosemary and garlic.
  2. Bring it gently to boil and bind with some corn starch.
  3. Season with black pepper, keep warm.
  4. Deepfry the sweet potato fries
  5. Bake the beet bacon and the onions in the oven until crispy.
  6. Fill the containers with fries, finish with the cheese sauce, the crispy beet bacon and the onions
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