'Les Tapas' aperitif appetizers with 4 dip sauces


Serves 4

Mango dip for 4 people:

250g Ardo mango puree
150g Greek yoghurt
2 dessertspoons of Ardo chives
½ -1 teaspoon red chili pepper Ardo
Juice from ½ lemon
Salt and pepper

Pea dip for 4 people:

250g Ardo pea puree
125g cottage cheese
1½dl cream
½ teaspoon of garlic Ardo
½ teaspoon of mint Ardo
Salt and pepper

Sweetcorn dip for 4 people:

120g Ardo sweetcorn
4 Ardo half avocados
50g cream
Juice from ½ lemon
½ teaspoon of garlic Ardo
½ finely chopped red pepper Ardo

Letscho dip for 4 people:

200g Ardo Letscho




Mango dip:
Mix the mango puree with the Greek yoghurt then add the red pepper, the lemon juice and chives. Just season with salt and pepper and it's ready!


Pea dip:

Defrost the pea puree and mix in the blender with the cottage cheese and cream. Season with garlic, mint, salt and pepper.


Sweetcorn dip:

Flatten the avocados with a fork. Defrost the sweetcorn, pore off the liquid, then mix in the corn with the lemon juice, garlic, cream and the avocado. Add a little salt and pepper.


Letscho dip :

Defrost the vegetable mixture of red and green peppers, onions in tomato sauce with local herbs.
The result: a delicious spicy dip sauce.

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