Serve 10

• 2 kg Parisian potatoes Ardo
• 1 kg Green beans, steam cooked Ardo
• 30g persillade Ardo
• 30g spring onion Ardo
• 20g chives Ardo
• 50 g Shallots Ardo
• 400 g beet bacon Ardo
• 15 medium-boiled eggs
• 2dl olive oil
• 0.5 dl white wine vinegar
• 400 g lettuce


Egg, Sulphite


  1. Steam the Parisian potatoes for 8-12 minutes.
  2. Steam the green beans for 3-5 minutes and cool down immediately.
  3. Mix all herbs with the olive oil and vinegar, season pepper and salt
  4. Bake the beet bacon in the oven till crispy.
  5. Cut the green beans and the Parisian potatoes in smaller pieces.
  6. Cut the eggs in half, serve 3 half eggs/jar.
  7. Layer all the ingredients in a jar or bowl, finish with the tartare dressing and the crispy beet bacon.
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