Green wave Rustic Tuna sandwich with tarragon


For 4 sandwiches

- 200g Ardo Green wave mix
- Ardo tarragon to own taste.
- 100g Ardo Black olives sliced
- 1 can of Tuna (+/-200g)
- 50g Mayonnaise
- 4 Rustic Ciabatta buns
- Fresh salad (Iceberg or alternative)
- Cucumber slices


Egg, Gluten, Mustard, Fish


  1. Make the tuna salad: Take the can of tuna and drain off excess moisture. Mix with the defrosted green wave mix, mayonnaise and tarragon to taste. Season off with salt and black pepper.
  2. Defrost the black olive slices.
  3. Place on the bottom of the rustic sandwich the salad and the cucumber. Top with the tuna salad and the black olives.
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