Green wave Nems with nuoc mam cham dipping sauce


Serves 4

- 200g Ardo Green wave mix
- 100g Ardo Bean sprouts
- 100g Ardo Carrot strips
- 1 tablespoon Ardo Ginger
- 50g Ardo Shallots
- 50g Ardo Garlic diced
- Green salad leafs
- Fresh mint leafs
- Rice paper for nems round shape diam 15cm.
- 100ml hot water
- 70g Cane sugar
- 50 ml Fish sauce
- 50ml Lime juice (2 limes)
- 1 tablespoon corn starch
- Sesame oil
- Black pepper
- Seasalt
- Cooking oil for frying


Sesame, Fish


- Add sesame oil in a heated pan, add the ginger and shallots and stew for some minutes. Do not allow to brown. Add the green wave mix, bean sprouts and carrots strips and stew until lightly soft but still firm. Add a spoon of corn starch dissolved in water, season of with pepper & salt. Mixture must be slightly sticky.

- Add cane sugar in a small chopper with the garlic and the chili for 20 sec. Stir the mixture into a bowl with hot water, add fish sauce & lime juice. Set to cool down.

- Prepare a plate with medium hot water and dissolve some cane sugar. Dip the rice papers for about 10 seconds in the water. The rice paper must be easy foldable but not too wet. Add the filling in the middle of the roll. Make the roll by pushing the mixture tight and fold to close the nems.
- Deep fry in a low pan with medium hot cooking oil, first bake the bottom of the nems until brown & turn gently for the upper side until brown. Drain on a kitchen paper to get all excess oil out.

- Serve the nems with fresh salad leafs and mint leafs with a nice dipping bowl of nuoc mam cham sauce.

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