Deer calf fillet with gingerbread crust, red cabbage with figs, parsnip puree, green beans and rosemary sauce


Serves 4

- 400g Ardo Red cabbage with apple
- 400g Ardo Parsnip diced
- 2 tbls Ardo Spring onion
- 100g Ardo Fried onion diced
- 400g Ardo Green beans extra fine
- 100g Ardo Shallots diced
- 2 tbls Ardo Rosemary
- 600g Deer calf fillet
- Gingerbread 1 pack
- 50g Dried figs
- 1 tbls Ras el Hanout spices (Moroccan dry spice mix)
- 20ml Pomegranate Syrup
- Buttermilk 1 Litre
- Cooking oil
- Butter 100g (50g for meat / 50g for sauce)
- 500ml Veal stock
- 200ml Red wine
- Maple syrup 2 tablespoons
- 50g Julienne of almonds


Gluten, Milk, Nuts, Sulphite, Celery


Red cabbage with figs & Ras el hanout
Put the frozen portions of red cabbage in a casserole dish, season with pomegranate syrup, Ras el hanout spices & diced dried figs at own taste. Serve hot as a side dish.

Parsnip mash with spring onion:
Allow the frozen parsnip dices to simmer in buttermilk, add a little salt and simmer until tender & soft. Drain off and mash the dices until roughly mashed.
Season with some pepper & salt, stir in the frozen spring onion while hot. Serve as side dish.

Green beans with almonds:
Defrost frozen green beans in boiling water, bring to the boil & drain off. Melt the frozen fried onion dices in a pan over high heat & add the blanched beans. Season with some pepper, salt & nutmeg. Toast the almond slices separately.
Serve in a bowl & top off with roasted almond slices.

Deer Calf with gingerbread crust
Melt some butter in a pan over high heat, sear the fillet of deer calf until golden brown on each side, season with pepper & salt.
Spread the gingerbread slices on a baking tray and leave them in the oven to dry for about 2 hours on 100°C. Let them cool down & mix them into crumbs.
Coat the deer fillet with the crumbs & bake for about 10-12 minutes on 180°C in a hot oven. Portion the fillet into fine slices & plate up nicely.

Rosemary sauce
Stir fry the frozen shallots in some butter with the rosemary on medium fire, deglaze with red wine, and allow it to reduce to half. Add veal stock, season with some pepper, salt & maple syrup to own taste. Allow again to reduce to half. Stir in some cold diced butter for a glossy sauce. Do not strain the sauce.

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