Ingredients for 4 people

600g Ardo vegetable fries
2 x 125g portions Ardo leaf spinach (Foglia)
4 red Ardo Grill Paprika Parilla slices
4 yellow Ardo Grill Paprika Parilla slices
4 Ardo Grill Aubergine Parilla slices
4 Ardo Grill Zucchini Parilla slices
40g Ardo shallots
4 x 180g beef fillets
2 tsp vinegar, 4 tsp white wine, 20 ml olive oil, 250 g butter, salt, pepper, tarragon




Vegetable preparation
Cut the defrosted spinach diagonally through the centre and sprinkle with pepper, salt and a little olive oil. Pile the defrosted parillas alternately into a tower and dress with olive oil and seasoning. Warm the parillas and the spinach in the oven. Roast the vegetable fries in the oven or use the deep fryer as indicated on the packet. Turn the vegetable fries over once during cooking. Meanwhile fry or grill the steaks.

Preparing the sauce
Melt approx. 200g butter Fry the shallots in the remaining 50g butter. Then add the vinegar and wine and let them boil briefly. Add 1-2 egg yolks without letting it boil. Slowly add the melted butter and mix well until it forms a thick sauce. Season the mixture with the tarragon, pepper and salt.

Place everything on the plates and serve.

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