d98w3305_300.jpgArdo's business has been built on the company's ability to supply its customers with consistent high quality products time after time.

These unwavering high standards however, have not been achieved by chance, but are the results of Ardo's total commitment to Quality.

At Ardo we have established Quality as one of the corner stones of our business and we now employ more than 125 Quality Technicians in our production sites across Europe. Ardo Quality Departments work year-round to ensure that only the best raw materials are used and that the processing factories achieve the optimal results from the fresh vegetables provided to them.

Corporate-Quality-1-_1_small.jpgThe crops arriving at the Ardo processing factories are handed over from the capable hands of our Agricultural Departments to our Quality teams, who then control and monitor each crop as it passes through the factory.

We recognise that our Quality Managers play a vital role in all stages of production and we encourage them to learn everything possible about each crop they produce. Achieving this "Complete Product Knowledge" involves regular field visits accompanied by our agronomists who help to provide an understanding of the issues effecting the growing crop and its harvest. Time is also spent in the factory with the Production Departments to learn about the vegetable cleaning, cutting and blanching techniques used.

Our Quality Managers use their “Complete Product Knowledge” during each day's production, controlling the acceptance of the crops into the factory and onward passage through the process. Their energies are rewarded in Ardo's ability to continue to provide our customers with the quality we are renowned for.

* Integrated Crop Management System
Agriculture is at the heart of the Ardo Group in every sense of the word. At Ardo, we rely on the soil, the climate and the farmer to produce high quality crops year after year. In order to ensure sustainable supply of fruit and vegetables, we recognise that a balance must be achieved between economical production and environmental responsibility. We must not take what cannot be replaced and we must take every possible precaution to ensure that fragile ecosystems are not damaged. Responsibility starts in the field, and responsible production with consideration for the environment can still make economic sense whilst helping to protect the environment for future generations.

Every year brings a new initiative and a new regulating body to the industry to perform controls and checks on farmers and producer organisations, to illustrate conformity with ICMS principles.

The Ardo Group recognises the serious need for controls and recording of production methods in order to ensure protection for the consumer, the environment and the industry. Where national registration and auditing bodies exist in the countries of production, Ardo insists that all growers participate in these schemes. Ardo also carries out its own checks and audits of suppliers to ensure compliance.

The Ardo Group is focused on moving agricultural production towards the protocols set out by EUREPGAP (the Europe-wide initiative) in all countries in which Ardo operates.

* Additional Control Procedures
Ardo surpasses all legal requirements when it comes to quality and safety control.
Additional controls of Ardo quality control procedures:
- Control of the raw materials against the 'raw material specifications'.
- Control during processing: chemical, physical and organoleptic controls.
- Control during packaging: weight, labelling and sealing controls.

All control results are fed directly into a computer system, which then links them to the appropriate production and packaging instructions. Moreover, this system allows a perfect traceability of products.