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Two of Ardo’s Belgian production sites have invested in Biomethanisation plants that can turn vegetable waste (peelings from carrots and onions, stems from green beans, etc.) into biogas. This biogas is used to power generators that transform the gas into green energy, which can be used in two ways:

  • Green electricity is used to freeze and store the frozen vegetables
  • Green steam is used for steam peeling and to blanch the vegetables before freezing

The biomethanisation by-products (digestate & effluent) are converted into organic fertilisers that are used by the growers supplying Ardo Violaines (France). Every 20 tonnes of digestate spread on a hectare of farm land will deliver 132 units of Nitrogen, 140 units of Phosphate and 90 units of Potassium.

In 2017, the capacity of the biomethanisation installation in Ardooie was doubled. With this investment, the green energy generated by the biomethanisation plant will account for 50% of the total gas and electricity consumed by the Ardooie production site.

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