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What could be better on a hot summer day than a fresh fruit salad or ice cream with fruit sauce? Raspberries, strawberries, exotic fruit mixes, red fruit mixes, fruit purees ...

Ardo offers more than 15 fresh-frozen varieties of fruit all year round for different applications, preparation and markets. Whatever fruit you choose, the quality is excellent. We constantly monitor the various production fields worldwide so that the fruit is harvested at the ideal time. It is then frozen very fast and efficiently.
The result? Maximum preservation of flavour and nutrients.

Fresh-frozen fruit only contains the usable parts of fresh fruit.
Did you know that on average 70% of a fresh pineapple is removed before it is consumed? That means that 70% excess weight is transported before the pineapple is eaten. That is bad for your wallet and the environment.

When you choose fresh-frozen fruit, you only get the parts fit for consumption. The other parts (skin, pod, stone, etc.) are removed during processing and not transported. This represents a considerable difference in weight compared to exotic fruit for example, which is mainly imported from distant countries.

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