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The preparation of fresh-frozen vegetables is even faster thanks to the ready-cooked vegetables and vegetable mixes from the Express range. Just defrost to use in cold salads or heat to use in steaming hot dishes. Their structure, taste and nutritional value are not affected. And they are easily portionable. Pure cooking enjoyment! Vegetable Purees Pureed vegetables, on your plate in less than no time! Puréed vegetables can’t be overlooked in a creative kitchen. However, they take a lot of time and effort.

Expres Purees just need heating.

The range consists of various varieties especially suitable for hot dishes. Combinations with other ingredients, e.g. potatoes, are possible. The purees can also be used as a basis for soups and dips. All the varieties are also easily portionable. In short, if you want a pure vegetable preparation without additives, Ardo’s purees are certainly a must.

Express Grilled Vegetables

Fresh frozen vegetables with a mediterranean touch Ardo’s range of grilled vegetables brings more inspiration, flavour and a touch of the South to your kitchen. Grilled vegetables are essential in Mediterranean dishes such as moussaka, pizza or lasagne. But they also add zing to your vegetarian dishes, or Mediterranean-style sandwiches. It’s all thanks to the unique production process carried out in Badajoz in the south of Spain.

Carefully selected vegetables are grilled on both sides in special ovens. So they don’t just look good, they’re full of great southern flavour too. Ardo’s grilled vegetables will also save you time, work and effort. The vegetables are evenly sliced and grilled, and just need to be defrosted for use in cold dishes, or heating in the oven or pan.

Ardo’s grilled vegetables are practical and irresistible.

-High quality: Ardo picks and processes the best raw materials to put through its high tech process to give a traditional blast of flavour.

-Freshly frozen: after grilling, the vegetables are frozen and packed straight away. This ensures a perfect product when defrosted.

-Time saving: grilled vegetables are ready in no time: just defrost for use in any cold dish, or heat in the oven or pan.

-Nutritious: Ardo’s grilled vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals and provide an excellent source of fibre.

-Colourful: Ardo’s grilled vegetables also look good, and offer added eye appeal.

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