Express Pasta & Rice

Express Pasta: Express Pasta & Rice

Serving delicious Italian cuisine is now at your fingertips thanks to the Ardo range of pre-cooked frozen pasta. Ardo fresh frozen pasta is convenient and quick to prepare. Simply take the amount you need out of the pack and heat it in the microwave, saucepan, wok or combi-steamer for a few minutes. Or you can defrost the pasta for cold dishes. It’s as easy as that. Ardo pasta saves you time, work and energy.

Ardo is especially proud to be serving top-quality pasta for you and your customers. Of course, Ardo prepares all of its pasta itself, using only the best ingredients such as high grade durum wheat. By freezing immediately the pasta while it is fresh. Ardo can retain the texture for true al dente. So every Ardo pasta dish is beautifully cooked and retains all of its colour and flavour. Simply irresistible!

The benefits of Ardo frozen pasta

-Top quality: Only the best will do for Ardo. Carefully selected ingredients, such as high grade durum wheat, are ample proof.

-Fresh frozen: Ardo doensn’t dry its pasta, but freezes it the instant it has been formed and cooked to guarantee higher nutritional values and texture.

-Superb, every time: With their set cooking time, Ardo pasta varieties are always beautifully cooked and retain all of their colour and flavour.

-Easy portions: Catering for big eaters or small appetites? It doesn’t matter, because with Ardo you always take out the exact size of portion you want.

-Time-saving: Ardo pasta is ready to eat in under 3 minutes. Simply plunge into boiling water.

-Convenient: No time to spend cooking? Ardo frozen pasta is perfect: always available and ready in a flash.

-Full traceability of raw materials

Express rice

Keen on Asian cuisine? Then you’ll certainly appreciate the variety of precooked rice from Ardo’s Express range. From white rice, through a wild rice mix to an exotic basmati or yellow rice: you’re sure to find something to your taste. In addition, all the varieties are precooked and simple to heat in a saucepan, steamer or microwave. Just heat with finely chopped onion - delicious!

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