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Organic vegetable demand is growing due to higher consumer awareness and their ability to make a lifestyle choice when it comes to the food they eat. Ardo is leading the way in the frozen vegetable area by applying the strict rules laid down by organic bodies and the application of years of processing knowledge.

Ardo understands that consumers demand the highest quality - all our organic vegetables are grown on fields selected with care and prepared for organic cultivation. From harvest to processing and packing, the organic vegetables are isolated from standard produce to avoid cross contamination.

All Ardo organic products are packed under the strict guidelines of the various organic bodies around the world – we impose the toughest version to ensure compliance. Ardo ensures that you not only save time in preparing dishes but that we offer a range of organic products to suit all tastes and recipes, pure, carefully mixed or prepared.

Ardo Bio-Organic, the right decision!

- grown in carefully selected fi elds

- processing expertise with respect for nature

- strict inspection from fi eld to freezer

- certification of Organic label (*)

- wide range for retail, industry and food service

- high quality organic produce picked and processed at the height of the season.

- total traceability

- diversity: pure vegetables, mixes and ready to serve vegetables are prepared with 100% organic ingredients

(*) AT-BIO-902, BE-BIO-01, NL-01-BIO, FR-BIO 01, PT-BIO-02, DK-OKO+100 / DK-OKO-200, BE-BIO-02

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