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Ardo remains committed to sustainability

'We preserve nature's precious gifts' is a slogan to which Ardo remains unconditionally wedded, both at group level and at the individual sites. Accordingly countless initiatives are being adopted at our facilities in order to further extend and support our sustainability policy.

Therefore, a local 'Corporate Responsibility Report' has been drawn up for the fourth successive year at Ardo UK, a report that contains interesting figures and experiences.
The move from three locations to a single facility for instance, resulted in a reduction of as much as 35% in the carbon footprint.

Our employees in Ardooie (B) also merit a pat on the back.
As a result of multiple joint efforts they succeeded in extending the 'West Flanders Sustainable Business Environmental Charter'
certificate. This means that Ardo scores exceptionally well in various sustainable topics.

A great deal of investment ensured once again that consumption of a number of energy sources was reduced substantially.
An achievement that counts!

electricity - 2,3%
fuel - 8,3%
water - 8,8%

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