Circular thinking with a reservoir and solar panels Wednesday 05 May 2021


In 2019, we built an irrigation basin at our site in Ardooie (BE). This basin fills up with rainwater and treated waste water from the factory, which farmers then use to irrigate their fields during drier periods. This ensures that nothing is lost.

It does not stop there, either: the irrigation basinis equipped with 4,860 solar panels. Apart from generating our own electricity, anadditional advantage is that these solar panels ensure fewer algae grow in the reservoir, meaningwe lose less water through evaporation. Furthermore, the roof of our packagingwarehouse is fitted with 800 solar panels. Together, these solar panels cover 2.5% of thetotal energy consumption requirements at the Ardooie site. This reduces our external energy need by around 5% – a strong step toward our goal of closing the loop.

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