Changes to family directors at Ardo Wednesday 20 July 2022


Board of Directors continues to rejuvenate

As from 1st July 2022 Xavier Haspeslagh, Paul Haspeslagh and Frederik Haspeslagh have retired from the Ardo Board of Directors. Michel Haspeslagh is appointed as board member. In addition, Liesbeth Haspeslagh, will follow as a future board member the Board of Directors and the induction program in preparation for an active board role at the next changeover. Both Michel and Liesbeth are 3rd Generation.

Two years ago, the Ardo Board of Directors embarked on a renewal process with which the group is preparing itself for the future and at the same time further strengthening the ties with the Haspeslagh family. Conny Vandendriessche and Jan Vander Stichele joined in 2021 as new external directors and in the same year Philippe Haspeslagh handed over the chairmanship to Jules Noten.

Michel Haspeslagh had a 9 year career with Ardo of which the last 3 years as Business Unit Director Herbs and member of the Group Management Committee. After deciding to relinquish his operational role, Michel
now wants to make his mark on strategy as a director with the baggage and sector knowledge he has acquired in recent years in combination with
the financial background.

Liesbeth Haspeslagh is member of the Governance working group that is responsible for rewriting the family charter within Ardo and would like to be even more involved as a family member. She is working at MSD, a top 5 pharmaceutical company, as a project manager in early phase clinical research.

Jules Noten
Chairman to the Board of Directors

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