Ardo stays on track both in results and sustainability Tuesday 14 September 2021

Today Ardo officially opens its new sustainable head office on the site in Ardooie, where the company’s history started more than 60 years ago. On this occasion, the group publishes its recent sustainability efforts and unveils its plans for the upcoming years.  Still awaiting the audited results, the year-end expectations for fiscal year closing June 30th on operational result are foreseen to show again about 2% growth.


The ‘Rootbox’ a new sustainable head office

The new head office ‘Rootbox’, built according to the BEN building principles, has a very low energy consumption and only uses energy coming from green sources.  As an example, the climatization in the office building is provided by reusing cold and heat generated by the Ardo plant next door.


“We want to provide a creative space for our team members to inspire each other and close to our roots in fields. Our future is and remains plant based.” says Gabrielle Kalkwijk, CEO.


Continued sustainable growth for ARDO

Despite a full twelve-month continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ardo Group is about to continue its growth track on operational profitability. The year-end expectations for fiscal year closing June 30th on operational result are foreseen to show again about 2% growth. This is fully driven by the companies continued focus on efficiency improvements in all processes for the customers impacting our cost base as well, and an increased share of organic and healthy convenience. Ongoing concern remains the recovery of food service, continued inflationary environment and long-term threats related to climate change.


Ardo to feed the future

As recent months have demonstrated, climate change is a real and imminent threat, directly impacting agriculture and our crops. Ardo’s offering of fresh frozen vegetables, fruit and herbs is in line with the new healthy, plant-based diet promoted by the EU Green Deal. By freezing the products immediately after harvest, they retain a maximum flavour and nutritional value.


“With the motto “Feed the future” Ardo announces how it plans to make sure consumers will still be able to enjoy sustainable food products for decades to come.” says Jules Noten, Chairman of the Board.


Organic production

Some chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides can have a negative impact on our environment. Ardo has been a pioneer in organic production since 1990 doubling their area of organic production since 2015.


Minimum impact, Maximum Output

10 years ago, Ardo launched Mimosa, to align their operations with our environment’s needs and become more resilient to climate change. Since then, they have implemented sustainable farming practices leading to the silver and gold SAI (Sustainable Agriculture Initiative) certification of all their farmers. With the aid of innovative technologies like robot guided weed control, drones, precision sowing and the implementation of regenerative agricultural principles, Ardo has reduced the use of chemical fertiliser and pesticides. Currently, 76% of Ardo produced products are now residue-free making Ardo a front runner in residue-free growing in Europe and by 2025, Ardo wants to raise that number to 80%.


Circle of water & energy

Ardo is ambitious in reducing its water and energy footprint, seeing these are two precious resources in the fight against climate change.  The company filters and reuses most of the water at one of their biggest plants in Ardooie, the plant where it all started. The rest of it is stored in a 150,000 m3 basin and offered to local farmers to irrigate their fields. But that’s not all, 4,860 floating solar panels have been installed in the irrigation basin in

Ardooie increasing Ardo’s production of green electricity. Waste heat and cold is not left to waste but reused to heat and cool offices.


By 2030 the company aims to make its cold stores CO2 neutral. That means 30% of Ardo’s electricity consumption will come from Ardo’s own green electricity, generated by biomethanisation plants and solar panels.


Ardo is committed to taking a leading role in an industry that poses real risks because any accident is one too many and Ardo strives for zero. The company is working relentlessly towards that goal. Efforts include, making machines safer, providing guidelines, training, visible clothing and performing safety audits. An example of this can been seen with our high impact 'Safety Awareness' weeks, created to engage our employees on the importance of behaviour which plays a key factor in most incidents.


 For more information, please contact Ann Engelbert 0498 287 243


About Ardo

The family owned Ardo Group (headquartered in Ardooie, Belgium) is an important world player in the production of a full range of fresh frozen vegetables, herbs and fruit for retail, foodservice and industry. Today the Ardo Group has a global sales network and 21 production, distribution and packing units in 9 countries, ensuring optimal sourcing from the most productive growing regions. Together with the 4,000 employees, the Group markets 940,000 tons to over 100 countries, creating a €1,1bio turnover.


Ardo nv / sa I Wezestraat 61 I 8850 ARDOOIE, BELGIUM I T +32 51 31 06 21 I F +32 51 30 59 97


Press release - Ardooie Monday 13th September 2021

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