Ardo's Virtual Fair Monday 01 March 2021

We proudly present: our Virtual Fair!

Faced with the impossibility of being present at conventional trade fairs, we presents our newest products and culinary innovations at our Virtual Fair.


The content that we can find at the interactive fair is very interesting: new products and trends in fresh frozen vegetables, herbs and fruit. The advantages of fresh frozen herbs and seasonings, recipes made by the culinary advisory team, all focused on giving new applications to the offer of menus, suitable for the current environment. 


The virtual edition focuses on eight distinct spaces: 

  1.  We have a space dedicated to the Circular Economy, key objective in our production process. We use the natural resources we receive from nature in a sustainable way. 
  2. The focus off the second section goes to our range of fresh frozen herbs and seasonings. 100% natural and without additives, to give a touch of extra taste to your dishes. 
  3. There is a space reserved for innovations as well. Discover our newest products, always attentive to the latest trends. Here you can find the latest innovations that will bring creativity and flavour in your kitchen. 
  4. The launch of the Beet Bacon, a plantbased alternative to bacon cubes, suitable for vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian consumers. 
  5. The latest trends, where you can find everything from organic products to vegan snacks and for which Ardo offers a wide variety of products. 
  6. Watch our inspiring recipes, created by our team of culinary advisors. They prepared delicious dishes with our fresh frozen vegetables, fruits and herbs.  
  7. Discover more about Ardo: our company's  values, our green ambition, and many more.    
  8. Ardo wants to be close to its customers to respond efficiently to their needs. From the contact section you can locate the nearest sales team and transfer comments and suggestions to them. 

Click here to visit the virtual fair: ardo | Home 

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