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Mochov scores with strong communication

At the beginning of last year, our Czech brand Mochov won the ‘customer’s choice’ award in its own country for the ‘Polabanka’ (Julienne mix) and ‘Mochavanka’ (Brunoise
mix) vegetable mixes. To put this in the spotlight, a communication campaign directed at consumers was launched in mid-October. A combination of billboards, posters, store
decorations, advertisements, promotions and product tastings highlighted the typical aspects of these products, namely the Brunoise or Julienne cuts and their uses.
The campaign was given extra support by the fully renovated website, which offered a fresh look at the range and all of its innovations.

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Cooking with fresh-frozen vegetables is better for you

Although fresh vegetables are still more popular than their fresh-frozen versions, consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the many advantages. They are feeling the difference more often in their wallets too. In fact, the price barometer published by Belgian consumer magazine 'Test-Aankoop' in January 2013 showed that the price of fresh vegetables in Belgium had risen by over twenty percent compared to May 2011.

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