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Ardo and Dujardin Foods are pleased to report that the merger of Ardo and Dujardin Foods has been approved by the competition authorities in all of the countries where we are active. No restrictions or conditions have been placed on the merger.

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Ardo and Dujardin Foods sign Merger Agreement

Ardo and Dujardin Foods are pleased to report the signing of a Merger Agreement. The two Belgian frozen food companies, started independently by two brothers 40 years ago, are preparing to come together as one firm, subject to approval by the relevant competition authorities. As part of the transaction, NPM Capital, a private equity firm which held a minority stake in Dujardin Foods is selling its stake. In the new Group 100% of the shares will be owned by the Haspeslagh families.

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Ardo goes down well in Russia

Ardo’s delicious fresh-frozen vegetables and fruit can count on extensive interest in Russia too.
Several Russian food journalists and bloggers came along to Anuga to try our latest products and recipes.
They were impressed by the taste and quality of the Ardo range.
Prominent food magazine Food Services devoted an article to our products!

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