Ardo is an internationally expanding family business with expertise in fresh-frozen vegetables, herbs and fruit. Every day, we extract the best from nature to bring healthy food closer to people. That's why we like getting together with people who share our passion and who want to get their teeth into a job with a future. Are you interested? If so, take a seat.

We aim for 100% natural

Healthy and varied eating has never been so easy. Every day, Ardo captures the best from nature to bring healthy food closer to people. Fresh-frozen vegetables, herbs and fruit: our products are 100% natural and we're proud of that. That's how we make the difference, in the field and on your plate.

Our people are exceptional

Passion and ambition are our company's basic ingredients. As a family business, we have all that it takes to support our people's talents to the fullest. Using a long-term vision and efficient communication in an open and friendly atmosphere, we give our people every opportunity to develop themselves and achieve shared goals.

We have global ambitions

Ardo’s products are enjoyed throughout the world. Today, we have 21 production and packaging sites in 9 different regions and we sell fresh-frozen vegetables, herbs and fruit in about 100 countries. Thanks to a strong business model, modern production, passionate colleagues and good relations with all stakeholders, we continue to grow worldwide and to seek interesting opportunities.

High-tech, from the field to the table

Technology drives us. It is the driving force for innovation, from our work in the field to the delicacies on the table. In all steps of the process, we opt for future-oriented state-of-the-art and innovative systems, with a focus on digital processes. This offers our people new perspectives for continued development.

We think sustainably

Ardo is passionate about nature. We have incorporated sustainable practices in our business for years. People, Products and Planet are central to everything we do. Every decision we make is thought through and we take every new step consciously. In this way, we help to ensure a sustainable society, now and in the future.

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