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Organic is a way of life

It would be short-sighted to continue to label the organic market as a niche market. After all, the European organic sector generates an annual turnover of more than €26 billion.

Organic produce now forms a significant proportion of the Ardo Group’s processed volumes. We want to build on this part of our business in the future, and we will work in open and professional partnerships with our producer organisations, running our own crop trials, monitoring technical evolution in the sector, transferring knowledge and applying state-of-the-art technology, to ensure that we advance as planned.

Supplying our customers with consistently
high quality products every time

Product quality is one of the cornerstones of our business. We employ 53 agronomists and 148 technicians who work 24/7 to ensure that our products arrive according to specification and the highest standard of quality.

Our agricultural departments care for the crops until they are delivered to our processing sites where our Quality Assurance teams take over and monitor raw materials, production processes, product selection and packing.

Our objective is to supply our customers with products that meet the highest safety and quality standards. Our production sites are certified to internationally recognised standards (BRC / IFS) that in turn provide a platform for the more demanding Ardo Group standards.

Our Quality Managers play an active role at all stages of production and we encourage them to become experts in each of the crops that they are involved in. To acquire this knowledge, they accompany our agronomists on field visits and undertake training in the production processes in our factories.

Our Quality Managers use their ‘Complete Product Knowledge’ each day. Their efforts help to build customers’ confidence and add value to our customers’ reputation by delivering the quality required that we are renowned for.

Safe and healthy food: Product information

Research and development for healthy products

When creating value-added items, Ardo’s product developers always take into account the latest developments in sustainable ingredients and processes to ensure ‘clean label’ products.

Ardo participates in a wide variety of research projects, aimed at finding new methods to maximise preservation of the vitamin content, texture and colour of vegetables during processing and freezing. Regular internal and external taste panels provide Ardo with benchmarks for various organoleptic aspects.

Nutritional information on packaging

Ardo aims to keep consumers as fully and clearly informed as possible. We state the Reference Intake (RI) on the majority of our packaging, to show how the products contribute to daily intake. As all our products are healthy and convenient, they can help consumers to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. The information on Ardo’s packaging and on Ardo’s website is continually updated in line with changing EU regulations on the declaration of nutritional information and allergens. Consumers or chefs can consult the Ardo website to help them decide which freshly-frozen vegetable, herb or fruit is best suited for a specific diet.

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