Corporate - Sustainability

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Ardo has an ambition;

we call it our ‘Green Ambition’

We set out to perform all of our activities in a conscious manner, where we:
Consider the impact of each action on the environment and on the people who it may affect
Make decisions with the correct motivation that Ardo can be proud of
Perform our operations in a managed way, in compliance with our objectives to protect the PLANET and to create our PRODUCTS in a sustainable way with respect for PEOPLE.

The question every business is currently trying to answer is: how can a company become truly sustainable? Each year Ardo invests in its factories to improve efficiency to minimise energy and water use and to reduce its Carbon Footprint.

Whilst this is all good news, we know that these activities alone will not deliver sustainability in the true sense of the word. As with any company, Ardo relies on a number of key people and services for the smooth functioning of our business.

These key people can range from colleagues working in the Ardo group to farmers growing the vegetables for our factories, to transport companies delivering our frozen products to our customers, and many others in between.

In order to become truly sustainable, we believe that we must consider efficiency, environmental management and responsible working practices at every step of our supply chain. We must work with all our stakeholders to ensure that they are willing and able to access the potential synergies that exist and that they have the desire to work towards the same goals as Ardo.


Stakeholders considered in our review process include our:
- employees
- farmers and producer organisations
- suppliers of ingredients, packaging, machinery, transport, ...
- financial institutions, banks, ...
- governments and other decision makers
- neighbours
- customers

Our objective is to build on our existing strong relationships and to develop partnerships with like-minded stakeholders who share Ardo’s appreciation for mutual respect and have the capacity to understand and commit to what is required to make a partnership work.

Corporate Responsibility Report 2016